Workplace Wisdom

Dede Lyons, Founder of Feel Good Express

My 32 year career in broadcast sales and management, in New York and West Palm Beach, equipped me to empower my employees, clients and colleagues to joyfully thrive and produce in a high-stress environment.  You will learn the empowerment tools to more effectively communicate with your staff and clients while experiencing more joy, productivity and creativity.  

Workplace Wisdom takes the Feel Good Express lifestyle program to your professional environment for either a group corporate seminar or a private one on one business coaching session.  

Read my article and discover how you can easily incorporate my Workplace Wisdom tips and tools into your day to day and feel more energized: "Workplace Wisdom"

Read why it is critical that we keep that passion and drive in my article: “Born with Enthusiasm” 



Lourdes I. Ruiz, Integrated Media Account Executive, WPTV-TV, West Palm Beach, Florida 

"Once you attend a session for business guidance, like I did, you’ll feel empowered to chase your dream job. She makes so many references to such great reads and provides steps to success. It’s truly without reservation that I recommend everyone takes a session with Dede and takes advantage of her wisdom, her tools, and resources."