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Viv Henderson

In my 1st private session with Dede, I was struggling to keep my life balanced as a mother, business owner, and wife. Dede helped me to pinpoint my blocks, goals and showed me how to ask for help. This activated immediate solutions and gave me a plan of action with life tools that I use daily! Dede is extremely gifted, and her spiritual guidance is powerful and undeniable every time!



Dena Lyons

Dede is a magnetic for positive energy.  She shares her love and gratitude with all.  I won the Abundance prize (see photo) at a Feel Good Express workshop and my life changed practically overnight as a direct result of the Workshop and tools in the kit.  Business and personal life totally shifted in an abundant direction. I have sent this same kit to a friend who has had the same effect. Highly recommend Dede’s work to everyone in need of extra bounty in their lives.



Joe Goldberg


What I love about a Dede Lyons’ session is that there is no judgement. She creates a comforting and trusting space that allows all healing possibilities. Dede embraces the paradigm: teacher is student, and student is teacher. This frees the work from separation and hierarchy. I come away with greater clarity; an appreciation for the bigger picture; a path for reframing and releasing limiting beliefs; and the opportunity to reclaim my power and self-worth. Take a ride with Dede on the Feel Good Express. You’ll be glad you did.



Dede is a generous soul, and wonderful facilitator. Her guidance and compassion has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and journey. Grateful for the work she does🙏



Midge Reichert


Dede’s passion for assisting others in living their best spiritual life is truly amazing. I have watched her willingness to guide and understand those in their quest to interact with the angelic realm. She truly shows empathy, and brings joy to those who seek her out.



Blair McKnight


Dede and Feel Good Express have been instrumental in my self-love journey and changing my perspective on career, love, and finding joy in life. She teaches in a way that incorporates mind, body, spirit and shows you how to use the tools you already have to improve your life. She empowers you to love yourself first then watch as the rest falls into place. Her angel journaling zoom class got me through the pandemic quarantine and helped me use that terrible time to elevate and attract abundance into my life while gaining a community of support along the way. I'm not sure where I would be today without the love for myself I have now thanks to Dede and her angel guidance. Ask, believe, receive!




I've known Dede for many years and have attended her workshops and other offerings as well as receiving personal angel shares and I can unequivocally say that she's the real deal.  There are many "professionals" out there, but few, if any, that come from many years in the corporate world.  She truly understands what we go through in our stressful day-job worlds. Dede's "Feel Good Express" tools really help and her unseen helpers are extremely spot-on.  Her wisdom has seen me through many challenges.  I highly recommend anything Dede offers!


Faye Weisberg


Dede is a spiritual wonder. When in her presence you feel your heart opening to receive and embrace all that she shares. Dede has the unique ability to transfer her love and light to others around her. It is a fortunate moment when you connect with Dede and become part of her group of special souls reaching towards more love, happiness, enlightenment and personal success. Dede is authentic and gifted.



Cathryn Marshall


Dede does a wonderful job sharing her wisdom & expertise. She’s truly a leader who has a wealth of experience with life and business strategy. She’s also sharing wise insights from her guides and our angels. It’s always a fun experience to work with her! I highly recommend.



Ron Burkhardt


Dede brings her own unique magic into everyone’s life. From her profoundly abundant golden frogs to her innate gifts on the spiritual plane, she spins an enchanting web of positivity and fengshui that brings harmony and success to all in her orbit. 🌠



Victoria Teague


Dede is an earth angel for sure! Beautiful soul doing amazing work. Love her guidance, wisdom and knowledge.