My Feel Good Express articles, which have been published over the last 12 years in Sun & Surf Magazine are filled with my empowering pearls of wisdom. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to: thrive in a life transition, become a love magnet, journal to your angels, own your gifts, manifest a new career, fall in love with yourself or add playtime to your calendar, these articles will give you the answers.
Present Moment Magic

Angel Zoom
What's Behind Your Mask
Share your Story
Unseen Helpers Help You.
Protecting Your Boundaries
Embracing My Vulnerability 
Becoming a Love Magnet
Emily's Healing Heart-
Shine Your Light
The Universe Hears Us
Feel Good Journaling
Sun and Surf Magazine article Time to Play "Time To Play"
Sun and Surf Magazine article Choose Happiness "Choose Happiness"
Sun and Surf Magazine article Transition Like a Butterfly "Transition Like a Butterfly"
Sun and Surf Magazine article Celebrating 65 The Age of Wisdom "Celebrating 65: 'The Age of Wisdom'"
Sun and Surf Magazine article Connecting To My Roots "Connecting To My Roots"