Angels & Spiritual Guidance

Dede Will Guide You With Her Angel Channeling Gift

Shine Your Light Angel Group Party

Journaling in Four Arts Garden with a Feel Good Journal

Journaling With Your Angels Zoom Class

Angel Journaling Class /Bring Your Inner Child Theme

Journaling With Your Angels Class at NSVA Art Gallery

Art, Angels & Breath/ Piper’s Angels Cystic Fibrosis Warriors



Feedback From My Angel Journaling Classes

"I Love Receiving Dede’s Insightful Guidance."
"I Feel Grateful and I Always Get the Message I Need to Hear."
"The Trust and Openness Instills Me to Share. There’s a Wonderful Cohesiveness and Oneness in the Group."
"I Feel Friendship and Companionship. When Everyone Shares It Helps Me So Much.
"I Feel Loved and Supported." 
"I Feel Renewed, Recharged and Blossoming. I Love Meaningful Conversations, Feeling Blessed and That I Belong."
"I Love Discovering and Connecting With My Inner Child."
"I Feel Connected, Seen and Heard."
"I Love the Private Angel Sessions where we Move Mountains together."
"The Comforting Messages and Stories Stay With Me in between the Angel Classes."
"I Feel More Grounded and I’m More Intentional. It’s a Safe Haven where I can be Vulnerable and I Feel Loved."
"I Love the Vibe, the Connection. I Feel and I Love Hearing the Stories."