Dede Lyons

Empowerment Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Angel Guide. Dede Lyons founder of the Feel Good Express lifestyle program, guides clients with the tools to attract a joy-filled life. Lyons’s life long passion for feeling good coupled with her success at guiding others to feel energized, inspired her to create the FGE methodology for all of life’s challenges. Whether clients are working toward self love, attracting a soulmate, opening their spiritual connection, or revamping a business plan, the effortless FGE express practices will catapult you towards achieving your personal and professional goals. 

Lyons’s self empowerment journey began at age 40 in 1990, when she was in the throws of her NYC Broadcast Television career and running out of steam. She witnessed herself and many colleagues close to burn out from the high demands of their jobs. She was determined to find ways to feel more energized and invigorate herself and her sales team. 

Thus, she embarked on her spiritual journey, alongside her career in Broadcast Marketing, to experience many different modalities to refresh her mindset and raise her vibration. Utilizing mind/body/spirits tools including self-healing books, juice fasting, aromatherapy, journaling, and the power of positive thinking, Lyons extracted the pearls of wisdom that would eventually become the foundation of FGE. 

As a result of a career setback, a pivotal and tremendous shift occurred in the spring of 1995 when she received an angel reading from Trudy Griswold, the author of “Angel Speake”. Soon after, Dede was journaling and connecting to her angelic team on a regular basis. This higher connection not only raised her vibration and opened a direct channel to her angels, it gave here access to one of her dormant gifts: the gift of clairecognizance. This crystal clear knowing enables Lyons to give concrete, customized advice, birthing the term she later phrased “Corporate Spirituality”.

At age 62 years young, she stepped away from her successful thirty-two year career in Broadcast Sales/Management in NYC and embarked on her Feel Good Express divine path, relaying that she was in “Rebootment”, not Retirement. She began tweeting her “Feel Good Tweets” on Twitter and subsequently wrote her first book, “The Joy of Tweeting," as a self-help transition tool from broadcast media to FGE, using social media. She was solicited by the editors of Sun & Surf magazine in 2012 to write quarterly articles, which she still does today. 

Presently, Lyons is consistently invited to lead seminars and workshops, her private coaching practice has soared, globally, and her newly created “Feel Good Journal” her published "Feel Good Journal" has inspired her students to connect with their guardian angels in her Angel Journaling classses.  Additionally, her non-profit work at Gratitude House, the Lord’s Place, and the Center for Child Counseling has given many women in need the tools to be hopeful and courageous.

Lyons is fully loaded with life experience, corporate marketing know-how, insightful wisdom and the skills from eleven years of Empowerment Coaching and Seminars. She successfully empowers her clients through the Feel Good Express Mind, Body & Spirit practices to attract abundance in romance, finance, health & career opportunities: tools for life.