Love & Abundance

When you truly love yourself, all of your relationships will transition and blossom joy.

Read about how being in a state of gratitude attracts abundance in my article "Gratitude"


Jeannette Hektoen, President of JH Media & Marketing, New York, New York

"Before I became interested in Feel Good Express, I was searching for practices which would help provide me with more clarity in my personal and professional life. After several sessions with Dede Lyons, she motivated and energized my mind, body and spirit by sharing advice and tools in a fun and effortless manner.  

I am very grateful that my path in life is leading me to abundance in all areas and that Dede and Feel Good Express have been a part of my journey."


Michele Lyster, Retired, Nice, France

"I now believe in Angels because of Dede."


Linda Wayne, Psychotherapist, New York, New York 

"Dede Lyons’ “Feel Good Express” tips and advice are tools I use on a daily basis to bring more joy and happiness into my life which have grown in leaps and bounds since the program has been up and running. She is a shining example of the fact that a 60 plus year old woman can be beautiful inside and out, and can have all the joy and abundance that life has to offer." 

Dede Lyons finding her inner child