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"Do you want to grow thrive and feel better through life's many transitions?"


It may not seem like it at first glance but these stages in your life are actually the best!
You will grow spiritually and emotionally and transform yourself in ways that you never knew possible.
  Sometimes its difficult to remember we are in control of our own happiness and we can choose to be happy. We can say to ourselves, ďI choose to be happy. I choose to be positive. I choose to change my attitude.Ē When we make the effort, everything we do benefits from the presence of intent. Intent has the power to change seemingly mundane tasks, into meaningful, happy experiences.  
Studies indicate we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. In content, 80% are negative -whew! thatís 48,000 BAD thoughts a day! Itís no wonder 26% of the people in USA suffer from anxiety. Most of our negative thoughts fall into the following categories: 1/3 Regret the past, 1/3 are anxious about the future and 1/3 miserable about the present. By choosing to live in the present, by choosing to be happy, by choosing to love the moment we can easily choose to have a better life. We can choose to transform our lives into what we want.
  When you look at things from a different angle, they look different. If you choose to see life differently, to see yourself differently, you will become that change. If you choose to see a bright day ahead of you, if you choose to embrace a loving approach to life, if you choose to think of yourself as being beautiful your life will become these changes.  

Without change there can be no progress.
A full life is in a constant state of transition.

How to handle unexpected changes


Rejoice in your
Take time to be
happy for the
Recognize you
will make this
transition and
you will make it positive.


Look for the Gift.
There is always
good news in
bad news.
Find the positive.
Count your blessings.
Seek the positive.
Look for the rainbow.
Believe in the power
of goodness.
Be Grateful.


Open Your Heart
View the change
through love.
Stay positive.
Know in your heart
good things will
come. Stay open
to change. Harbor
no ill feelings. Stay
peaceful and loving.
Keep your heart open.


Ask your Angels,
Spirit Guides or the
Universe for guidance.
Pray, meditate, journal,
 chant, encourage open
 dialogue, be receptive to
 the universe. Remain
faithful and hopeful.
Listen to your heart.
Believe the universe
 will provide for you.


Be Receptive.
Donít close your
mind to new ideas. Open your soul to
change, relax your
body and allow
the flow of ideas.
Yoga, running, dancing
singing - keep your
spirit light.


No Worry, No Doubt,
No negative thoughts. Stay hopeful.
Be positive.
Remain peaceful.
Realize your dreams
can come true..


Visualize Your Life
Creatively. Create your dream in your mind.
Build a vision board,
journal, talk about the
change you want.
Manifest the change
you wish to see.
Believe in the



Be Grateful.
Be thankful for every
goodness in your
life. For compliments,
for small tender moments,
for love and happiness.
Be grateful for all good
things in your life.


Like a butterfly you can transform yourself from a caterpillar to the cocoon and emerge
like a beautiful butterfly.

Sometimes when trying something new, we feel scared.
Reframe those thoughts.
You can change fear into excitement.


With practice, you can cultivate
an ability to move forward
instead of backing off.


You can trust yourself to be able
to handle change and

We can recite affirmations to ourselves:
I am excited about this interview.
I am happy to have this opportunity.
I am empowered with excitement.
I am not afraid.
I am growing and moving forward.

Dede Lyons
West Palm Beach, FL
Sag Harbor, NY / Worldwide

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