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"Do you want to feel
playful, happy and



All you have to do
is stay in the present moment
for 10 minutes and
play with your pet!
Get on all fours and act like a dog.
My dog & I really love this one!


Research proves Pets
provide excellent
social support, stress
relief and can lower
blood pressure and
provide unconditional love.


Dogs are natural Yogis
Their tranquility of mind,
ability to be “in the moment”
and contented outlook must
be the result of their long
and devoted practice of Yoga.
Jennifer Brilliant


The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress
can be judged by the way
its animals are treated.


Ensure your pet enjoys
an all natural, organic,
eco- friendly lifestyle.
Always use earth
friendly, toxin free
 fertilizers, organic
toys and food!


The most important fact
anyone with a pet must
 understand is they respond
first to emotional energy.
They live from “the heart.”



Holistic vets have many
herbal medicines and
nutritional supplements
in their arsenals, such as
Chinese herbal formulas,
anti-cancer mushrooms
and antioxidants


There are about 5,000 animal shelters in the U.S.
Each year, 4 MILLION Cats & Dogs
(about 1 every 8 seconds)
are put down.

If you want to have a dog of your own,
please consider adopting!




This is the story of our Em Girl
Come join me in a journey thru my Em Girl Journal...
Share her magnificence, her sense of humor, her courage & strength.....
Learn how to identify these aspects in your pet & how this knowledge improves your life!
When Emily passed one of my dear friends,
Patty and her daughter, Kaitlin, who loved Emily dearly,
gave me a love journal as a present.

Patty knew I loved journals and always gave them as presents
and recommended them highly especially during a loss.

This special journal became a huge comfort for me during the grieving process. It made me feel like Emily was close by and that I could contact her through writing my favorite stories about her.

Inside the Color Me Butterfly Journal there was an opening page that said it all:

“If you Want to Be Loved, Be Lovable” -OVID

There is one common element we all search for throughout our lives,
that we want more than anything else: Unconditional Love.
And Emily was so lovable and pure 150% Unconditional Love!

I am so grateful to have had such an amazing teacher in my life for 16.5 years. She was only 11lbs and her heart was maybe barely a pound, but she could heal the entire planet with all the love that was emanating from her.

Emily was a true angel in disguise from the moment my husband and I saw her with her 4 litter mates on that snowy day in February 1992. I will always remember that day when Joe picked her out. He knew right away she was the one. Since she was only three weeks old we had to wait five more weeks to bring her home.

I’ll be continuing my Emily Journal soon......


Letter to Emily (she is 3 months old and we just had her a week) from My Dad
who was living in San Francisco and Emily in NYC wrote her this tender letter.

March 18, 1993
12n- 6pm

Dearest Emily,

Welcome to the Family, I am also a Capricorn. I use to brag about it because Jesus and Lassie were also Capricorns. Then I found out that Richard Nixon was a Capricorn. I am going to give you some advice for your early years or ears.

1 Don’t be afraid of your parents because they are Lions: They love you!

2. Make sure you get that special baby chow, none of that “on sale” crap. If you don’t get it put your paw down.

3. Pay special attention to the potty training. If you don’t you will have to go to “Caca” School. Your deceased Aunt “Desiree” flunked out. If you do have to go to school make certain they give you 6 cents for chocolate milk. Because my parents during the depression only gave me and my sister 5 cents for white milk.

4. When they put your peepee paper down in the kitchen, make sure this it is the NY Times instead of the other two papers. There is more room on it. You can’t miss! Speaking about kitchens my 4th wife was never in one.

5. You will be going on the avenue in a few weeks. I hate to tell you that your block has only one fire Hydrant. But at the corner, Broadway has many. Oops, I’m sorry I forgot that you are a girl dog- both feet on the ground.

6. When you are on the avenue be very careful because someone can sneak up behind you and get you pregnant. But lately that’s not a big deal. Because now they have a new pill from France. They put it in you food and the next day you never have to wear a rear vision mirror again. But it you want to keep the puppy, don’t eat you food for ten days. Your parents will know your intentions.
7. If you do have some emotional problems. Don’t worry; New York City has thousands of therapists. Make sure you get the right one, Because most of them will not allow a dog to even sit on the couch.
8. Demand you own TV programs. Don’t let them push that Sesame Street on you.

9. Since your parents are working all day, you will have plenty of time for chewing. I think you will like the shoes better that the furniture. A real treat is your mother’s panty hose.

10. When the cleaning lady comes, play it cool, deny everything and blame it on your cousin, Bucky, who visited yesterday. I am sending you a record of driving tips by George Carlin, which will help you get your permit in a few years. By the way, that “Caca” School cost your Grandmother $225. So Long – See you on your First Birthday!

Love Grandfather,
P.S. If things don’t workout at home you now can take your parent to court. Even if you are in “Kindergarten”.

The Rainbow Bridge

Dede Lyons
West Palm Beach, FL
Sag Harbor, NY / Worldwide

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