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"Do you want to feel strong, healthy, fit
and build your
confidence level?"


Walk! Run! Cycle! Dance! Yoga!







is the most important exercise on the planet, since it works on your psyche, body,
spirit and soul. For best results do your YOGA at least 3 times a week either in a
class or if you can’t make a class at home with a YOGA video or Wii.


  to your guardian
Angel or Higher
Power and ask for
guidance. You will
feel protected and
stay on your
spiritual path.


  Out loud or writing
in your journal will make you feel so special and boost your self esteem.


  Boost your energy Relax your mind
to your favorite music for 20 minutes. It’s very uplifting and fun, too!


  Laughter is a definite cure for depression and lethargy.


  It is contagious & smile makes everyone else smile. Plus it makes you feel lighter and helps you appreciate the bright side of life!
A 20 minute walk every other day is energizing and invigorating. A nature walk with sunshine would be ideal. Especially a walk in your favorite park. Even during your lunch hour, since it will make you more productive and positive when you approach your afternoon work projects.


A playful period with your dog or cat, husband, child or friend will lift your mood and make you feel like a kid again and hence an energy booster. Emily gave me so much energy....her lively spirit was contagious!




Loosen your muscles and release energy through your body.

  BATHE a 20 minute bath will hydrate your skin and calm your soul.
  MASSAGE My favorite is a Chinese foot reflexology rub!
  BODY SCRUBBING will stimulate your skin and internal organs and give you a glowing lift. Even better, share this with your
    partner, 10 minutes each of you and remember always brushing towards your heart!
  FORE PLAY Now this may or may not last for 20 minutes and as my Dad, who was a jokester, would always say, “Who has time for this ?”

HUG 20 minutes of hugging may sound like a long time, however, it’s the perfect way to unwind from the day.
Touch for health and beauty is so important and we all love a good hug!
A hug makes you feel loved and cared about.
If you hug your partner I am sure it will turn into a “hug fest!”

Dede Lyons
West Palm Beach, FL
Sag Harbor, NY / Worldwide

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