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"Do you want to feel
beautiful inside & out?"


Look in the mirror everyday with a big smile
& tell yourself how wonderful you are!
I say, “I love you, Dede!”



Lavender oil
  Rub on bottom of feet
  Crossed legs or lying
down for 15 minutes
Sleepy Time Tea: Yogi tea brand
Melatonin: 1 to 3 mgs
Calms Forte: 1 to 3 tablets
Valerian Root: Tea or capsules,
  valium is derived from this herb root
Rescue Remedy Drops:
  Bach Flower brand 2-3 drops
Meditation Soothing Tapes: Louise Hays, Doreen Virtue, etc.
Yoga Calming Postures: Deep Breathing, Corpse Pose, Childs Pose
Music: Soothing to your soul Make
Love: Sooth your heart, soul & body - snuggles & hugs, too!
Beauty Nap: always lie on your back, dab lavender oil on wrists & bottom of feet
burn aroma candle, incense or oils, meditative tapes or soothing music by Louise
Hays or Shakti Guwain, creatively visualize beach scenes, beautiful sunsets,
floating in the clouds always works for me!

Shine: Apple Cider Vinegar
  Braggs Organic
Lavender Oil - Young Living
Neem Hair Oil - Dr. Hauschka
Texture: Shampure Aveda
  Confixer Aveda
Volume: Thickening Spray by
  Bumble and Bumble
Scalp Massage and wash hair every other day
Flax Seed Oil
Fish Oil
Flora Brand
MSM: Jarrow Brand
Paba: B Vitamin
Aloe Vera Juice: Organic
Water: Drink 6-8 glasses per day
Body Brushing: Natural bristle brush always brushing towards the heart
Moisture Creams & Oils: Dr. Hauschka, Keils, etc.
Avocado Masks, Flax Seed Masks, Clay Masks
Aduki Bean Scrub
NA-CPA Lotion: The Vitamin Shoppe
Exercise: Yoga, Walking, etc.
Aduki Bean Scrub: Buy Aduki Beans
  at your local health food store & grind 1/2 cup in coffee grinder add water to make an exfoliating scrub
Flax Seed Mask: Buy Flax Seeds at
  your local health food store soak 1 tbl of seeds in 2 oz. very hot tap water for 5 minutes; apply mask to your face for 20 minutes, remove with luke warm water.
Puffy Eye Relief
Body Brushing
Hang Upside Down: Yoga headstand, shoulder stand, down dog, slant board or yoga upside down table (This is Emily’s favorite as she gets to lick my face while I am doing this posture.)
Water: 6 to 8 glasses a day
Steam Rooms, Saunas, Baths
Green Tea with Kombucha: Yogi Green Tea Organic which is half the caffeine of
  coffee and its an antioxidant with healing powers. Kombucha is a mushroom that helps detoxify the body, boost the immune system & fight fatigue. Actually, I drink alot of this tea and one of my colleagues has nicknamed me Yogi after Yogi Bear.
 Try to stay away from Caffeine & Sugar: use honey instead.
  Make sure the honey is unfiltered so it is not boiled and all the nutrients are gone. Too much sugar can cause wrinkles. Did you know honey has protein and no fat?
Juicing: Lots of greens, wheatgrass, etc.
Wheatgrass: 1 - 2 oz. per day will give you all the vitamins and nutrients you
  need. It is equivalent to 2 large bowls of salad and vegetables.
MSM: Capsules or loose 2 teaspoons & drink with juice & take your daily dose of
  vitamin C with MSM - they enhance each other and are are a great energy booster.
Flax Seed Oil: Liquid is best but can use capsules, 2 tsps a day
Paula’s Special Quick Beauty Treatment
Facial Dips:
Sea Salt & warm water
Eye Bright Herb Tincture
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Eye Exercises
Sleep on Back

Low Salt & Soy intake
Drink lots of water
Eye Bright Herb Tea:
loose or bags, drink or can be an eyewash

  Always consult your Doctor
before changing your routine
Dede Lyons
West Palm Beach, FL
Sag Harbor, NY / Worldwide

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