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"Do you want to attract
lots of abundance
in your life?"


All you have to do is release the worry and doubt
and be grateful for what you have

No Worry, No Doubt
You MUST believe
you WILL receive
more than enough.

Negative thoughts
inhibit abundance.
Abundance is a
state of mind &
a way of being.

Be thankful for your
health, the beauty
around you, small
compliments & love.
Be grateful everyday.

Affirmations are very important
Write it Down
say it aloud everyday
Use the present tense

    Create a Gratitude Journal and write in it everyday!

     True gratitude for abundance attracts more abundance
         Positive energy attracts Positive energy.

Energy is love.
Learn to focus the Universe’s Energy
Learn to focus your energy.
Do this with intent.
Give your energy intent.
Suit your energy to your intent.
Allow your intent to fill your energy before releasing it.

Think of it like music, sometimes it is soft & melodic - sometimes powerful & atonal.

Always communicate from your heart!

Click on THE UNIVERSE & view the Milky Way
at 10 million light years from Earth
Watch the video as you move thru
space towards earth,
until you reach
an oak tree
to a dried leaf
to cells &
until finally into the subatomic universe of electrons & protons

While you watch the video consider how science only recently enabled us to see so much of the universe

I wonder when science will allow us to see love?

Dede Lyons
West Palm Beach, FL
Sag Harbor, NY / Worldwide

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